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  • Yuri Bagrov. (Photo courtesy of Y. Bagrov)


    As speculation continues on the motives for the Tsarnaev brother’s actions, a journalist from the Caucasus offers a different take on life in the United States.
  • Russian army outpost in the mountains of Dagestan, March 2008. (Photo: Sergey Pyatakov/RIA Novosti/Wikimedia Commons)


    Russia has opted for authoritarian local leaders, rather than risk losing control of its southern frontier.
  • (l to r) Alexander-Ahmad with his daughter Hadicha, Fazylo (son of Gennady-Nekmuhammad), Gennady-Nekmuhammad; his daughther Malposha; his wife Havo with their daughter Santimo. (Photo: IWPR)
    Not all the Soviet soldiers came home when the war in Afghanistan ended in 1989.
13 Nov 09
Volunteers try to help bereaved youngsters still traumatised by the conflict.
12 Nov 09
A centre for juvenile delinquents in southern Kyrgyzstan is using non-punitive methods to prevent adolescents from reoffending.
9 Nov 09
After months of turbulence in relations with Russia, the Tajik leader seems to have smoothed things over and gained significant concessions.
6 Nov 09
Unscrupulous mullahs accused of marrying young girls whose health and education then suffer.
6 Nov 09
Once an orphanage, the institution has evolved to care for the child victims of a broken society.
2 Nov 09
Many Afghans believe foreign forces providing support for insurgents in the north.
30 Oct 09
Tiny Karabakh’s opposition moribund, lacks issues to fight on.
30 Oct 09
The recent murder of a currency trader in the capital Dushanbe has led some to point the finger at Tajik workers forced to return home because of the global economic crisis.
30 Oct 09
IWPR events help activist groups in Armenia and Georgia communicate refugee concerns to government officials.
24 Oct 09
Armenians do not share world’s joy over protocols, fear Ankara has a hidden agenda.