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  • Yuri Bagrov. (Photo courtesy of Y. Bagrov)


    As speculation continues on the motives for the Tsarnaev brother’s actions, a journalist from the Caucasus offers a different take on life in the United States.
  • Russian army outpost in the mountains of Dagestan, March 2008. (Photo: Sergey Pyatakov/RIA Novosti/Wikimedia Commons)


    Russia has opted for authoritarian local leaders, rather than risk losing control of its southern frontier.
  • (l to r) Alexander-Ahmad with his daughter Hadicha, Fazylo (son of Gennady-Nekmuhammad), Gennady-Nekmuhammad; his daughther Malposha; his wife Havo with their daughter Santimo. (Photo: IWPR)
    Not all the Soviet soldiers came home when the war in Afghanistan ended in 1989.
9 Mar 10
Following recognition by Moscow, Abkhaz leadership to seek full international acceptance.
8 Mar 10
But state says borrowing was needed to keep economy on an even keel.
8 Mar 10
Activists say more should be done to preserve historic structures in remote valley.
3 Mar 10
Election officials reject claims of inactivity levelled by OSCE observers.
28 Feb 10
Already hit by recession, people fear pain from massive price rise.
20 Feb 10
But some worry that offshore wells may harm tourism.
20 Feb 10
Although many of the candidates nominated for the forthcoming elections in Tajikistan are young, the past record suggests that few of them will make it into parliament or local councils.
11 Feb 10
IWPR advises Georgian journalists on setting up their own trade union.
6 Feb 10
Insurgents in north take advantage of big arms caches retained by ex-militiamen in contravention of major disarmament programme.