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Seymur Hezi. (Photo:Fuad Hajiyev)
21 Jan 15
Jailed reporter Seymur Hezi realises he is in the same Azerbaijani prison as top female journalist Khadija Ismayil.
16 Jan 15
Attack on Radio Liberty is partly about silencing free media, but also reflects new anti-Western mood.
13 Jan 15
Political prisoner deemed “workshy” as pretext for turning down his application for release.
23 Dec 14
Changes to the law make it easier to get the courts to shut down inconvenient newpapers.
Firudin Mammadov, deputy head of the Association of Karabakh Veterans. (Photo: Elvin Bayramli)
23 Dec 14
One politician wants the benefits system to be streamlined and better funded.
22 Dec 14
Political prisoner meets an innocent abroad.
Khadija Ismayilova. (Photo: Aziz Karimov)
17 Dec 14
Khadija Ismayilova was arrested because of her determined pursuit of investigative journalism.
17 Dec 14
A political prisoner reflects on psychology and power relationships among his fellow inmates.
16 Dec 14
An Azerbaijani opposition figure reflects on the quality of state TV seen from inside a detention cell.
Khadija Ismayilova. (Photo courtesy of Kh. Ismayilova)
10 Dec 14
Arrest of Khadija Ismayilova reflects determined campaign to "extinguish freedom of expression", says leading editor.