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14 Jan 00
The discovery of a truck smuggling arms from Georgia into Chechnya triggers a war of words between Tbilisi and Moscow.
7 Jan 00
As Baku revels in a much-publicised "oil rush", questions are being asked about the true extent of the legendary reserves awaiting exploitation in the Caspian Sea basin.
7 Jan 00
Pork barrel politics in the isolated the North Caucausian republic of Kabardino-Balkaria is fermenting serious opposition to the government as well as unrest among the ethnic groups.
7 Jan 00
As many as a million Armenians - almost a quarter of the population - have left the country in recent years, most simply to seek employment.
23 Dec 99
Armenia needs to resolve its regional problems and build a Caucasus-wide security system or it will be forced to make the difficult choice between local alliance with the United States - or with Russia.
17 Dec 99
Calls by senior figures in the powerful Union of Karabakh Volunteers for Armenian President Robert Kocharian to resign have intensified speculation that the Armenian military are pursuing a more active role in Armenian politics.
17 Dec 99
Azerbaijan's local elections - the first in the nation's history - have been overshadowed by widespread accusations of malpractice and police brutality.
10 Dec 99
Russia's new military campaign in the North Caucasus is marked not only by a new military strategy but also by a changed attitude to the Russian army's activity in Chechnya.
3 Dec 99
In stark contrast to 1994-1996, even the state media in Georgia is heaping criticism on Russia for the campaign in Chechnya.
3 Dec 99
Relations between Russia and Georgia are more strained than ever following Georgia's signature on key agreements at the OSCE summit which underline a shifting alignment towards Europe and the United States.