Middle East

Fake News Fuels Fear in Lebanon

A confusing media landscape leaves citizens desperately searching for credible information.

1 Nov 23

Interview: The War on Disinformation

Open source intelligence (OSINT) can provide facts – but impatient, angry audiences often prefer opinions.

1 Nov 23

Gaza War Resonates in the South Caucasus

The region’s geopolitical shift following the Nagorny Karabakh conflict may continue amid the crisis in the Middle East.

31 Oct 23

We Are With You

Initiative provides aid and psychosocial support to those affected by the earthquake.

29 Jun 23

Blindness No Barrier

A visually impaired man describes how he and others navigate life after the earthquake.

19 Jun 23

Seeking Safety

For some survivors of the earthquake, returning to live in a house is a terrifying prospect.

19 Jun 23
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