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Philippines Rights Reporting

IWPR has been working in the Philippines since 2007 and is currently working in the Philippines to combat corruption and promote transparency and accountability in public life. We are doing so through information, education, reporting, training, outreach and advocacy and with a dedicated website aimed equally at journalists, activists and ordinary voters.

14 May 09
Seven out of ten Filipinos are working for low salaries in casual employment.
Joseph Lagorra
7 May 09
Activists point finger at two battalions leading the government’s counter-insurgency campaign in the region.
Alan Davis
27 Apr 09
Police say they have yet to be granted access to army officers they consider primary suspects.
Julie S
11 Apr 09
Rights groups believe murdered child is victim of extra-judicial killings plaguing Western Mindanao.
Keith Bacongco
19 Mar 09
The crime has been met with widespread disgust and condemnation, and calls for a independent, transparent investigation.
Keith Bacongco
6 Mar 09
But local priest say it won’t achieve much as witnesses will be too scared to testify.
Rick R
6 Mar 09
Women uprooted by Mindanao fighting hoodwinked into work for abusive employers.
Alan Davis
17 Dec 08
Could murders of rights campaigners be linked to army crackdown on leftist rebels?
Romy Elusfa
9 Dec 08
Locals concerned at surge in violence in wake of withdrawal of monitors.
Claire Delfin
9 Dec 08
Police and military say they have set out to improve their human rights record, but evidence so far is slim.