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Human rights


Project Highlight
22 Jan 18
Officials start to address prisoners’ complaints after story appears.
5 Jan 18
Locals claim that few Afghan have even heard of the flagship organisation.
30 Nov 17
Although conditions have improved since the end of the Taleban era, prejudice remains rife.
Colin Robinson during the interview with IWPR. (Photo: IWPR)
19 Sep 17
The country is one of seven Caribbean countries that criminalises same sex relationships.
IWPR debate on human rights held on July 25 in Faizabad city. (Photo: IWPR)
Project Highlight
2 Aug 17
All parties urged to respect non-combatants and observe the rules of war.
Afghan war amputees and children practice walking at the ICRC orthopaedic centre in Kabul. (Photo: John Moore/Getty Images)
6 Apr 17
Disabled people say they face social prejudice and government inaction.
27 Mar 17
Official promises to ensure community has access to basic services have yet to be realized.
2017 Women's Day
8 Mar 17
Training aims to build and strengthen digital skills and institutional resilience.
In Bangladesh, unlike Afghanistan, third gender people have a recognised legal status (Photo: USAID)
24 Feb 17
Marginalised community faces ignorance, discrimination and abuse.
FGM is practised in three villages of the Kvareli district of Georgia – Tivi, Saruso and Chantliskure. (Photo: Aida Mirmaksumova)
2 Feb 17
State takes immediate action to outlaw practice and raise public awareness.