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21 Oct 14
Limited range of voter choices in forthcoming parliamentary election.
Umarali Quvvvatov (right) with his lawyer Nikolai NIkolaev in Dubai last year. (Photo courtesy of N. Nikolaev)
9 Oct 14
Authorities denounce opposition group and take down websites after internet appeal for street demos.
Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, Afghanistan’s new president. (Photo: Mina Habib)
24 Sep 14
Coalition deal comes after prolonged period of uncertainty. Will it last?
Raul Khajimba, Abkhazia''s new president. (Photo: Ibragim Chkadua)
24 Sep 14
Raul Khajimba has committed himself to reforming the way Abkhazia is governed.
Abdullah Abdullah (left) and Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai. (Photos: US embassy Kabul/Flickr)
27 Aug 14
Abdullah Abdullah withdraws observers from a recount he originally agreed to.
Muhiddin Kabiri, chairman of the Islamic Rebirth Party of Tajikistan. (Photo courtesy of Hikmatullo Saifullozoda)
29 Jul 14
Party leaders say succession of incidents shows they are being targeted by government.