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An Afghan votes in the 2009 presidential election. (Photo: UN Photo/Eric Kanalstein)
15 Sep 10
Parliamentary candidates and police trade accusations over security failings ahead of election.
10 Sep 10
Radical cleric’s party says it offers way out of political deadlock.
Taleban say they are strong enough to stop elections happening in parts of Herat province. (Photo: ISAF)
24 Aug 10
Voters and candidates in Balkh and Herat warn that security fears are disrupting election preparations.
20 Aug 10
Many eligible voters reportedly angry that they have not been able to register for the September ballot.
Editorial Comment
11 Aug 10
Smaller parties should break stalemate by backing one of the two main parties.
Street advertising for Respublika, a small but up-and-coming party in Kyrgyzstan. (Photo: Pavel Dyatlenko)
27 Jul 10
High stakes for political groups seeking power in stronger parliament