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20 Aug 10
Many eligible voters reportedly angry that they have not been able to register for the September ballot.
Editorial Comment
11 Aug 10
Smaller parties should break stalemate by backing one of the two main parties.
Street advertising for Respublika, a small but up-and-coming party in Kyrgyzstan. (Photo: Pavel Dyatlenko)
27 Jul 10
High stakes for political groups seeking power in stronger parliament
Editorial Comment
23 Jul 10
Recent deadly bombing underscores fraught future of Iraqi tribal force that fought insurgents.
19 Jul 10
Politicians with paramilitary pasts enjoy impunity for past actions.
Many legislators stand accused of pursuing personal or factional interests while delivering precious little to their constituents. (Photo: USAID)
19 Jul 10
Most current parliamentarians plan to stand again, despite widespread public mistrust and disappointment.