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Some unsuccessful election candidates in Herat claim they were fell victim to a campaign to stop Pashtuns getting into parliament. (Photo: Tracy Hunter/Flickr)
16 Dec 10
With final election results released, unsuccessful contenders from Pashtun group say they were systematically excluded.
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18 Nov 10
Months in the making, what lies in store for the new Baghdad administration?
(Photo: Blake Evans-Pritchard)
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12 Nov 10
Corrugated jungle that is Africa's second largest slum was one of the flashpoints of ethnic violence following Kenya's 2007 election.
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11 Nov 10
The Hague’s chief prosecutor Serge Brammertz visits Belgrade next week to prepare his twice-yearly report on Serbia’s cooperation regarding the arrest of Hague indictees Ratko Mladic and Goran Hadzic.
Voting under way at a polling station in Surakhani district. (Photo: Shahin Rzayev)
8 Nov 10
Opposition parties and international observers allege numerous irregularities.
The White House in Bishkek symbolises Kyrgyzstan’s transition from a presidential to a parliamentary system of government. Shown here during disturbances in April, it was the seat of the then president Kurmanbek Bakiev. Now it has been refurbished to house the new parliament. The president is moving to the old parliament building. (Photo: Igor Kovalenko)
5 Nov 10
Parties struggle to forge winning combination.
22 Oct 10
Residents of poor Tripoli neighbourhoods display election posters despite municipal ban and an apparent lack of political interest in their plight.
27 Sep 10
Candidate denies assaulting election officers and stuffing ballot boxes.