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2 Oct 15
Obstacles remain to a scheme aimed at boosting both security and electoral transparency.
1 Oct 15
Thirty per cent quota may not translate into female candidates taking their fair share of seats in October 4 polls.
29 Sep 15
Voters say they need reassurance that the process will be transparent.
25 Sep 15
Many of the current legislators are likely to make it into the next parliament, even if they have shifted party allegiance.
16 Sep 15
Main political groupings go through mergers and defections, but the essence of politics remains the same.
11 Sep 15
Debate audiences examine the pluses and minuses of engaging with insurgents.
8 Sep 15
"I couldn’t make myself go and vote. How could I?"
24 Aug 15
Some believe pending legislation could help tackle abuses, while others say Islam provides women with protection.
12 Aug 15
Events in July cover political challenges and unease at election delay.
7 Aug 15
Overdue polls cannot take place until changes are made to the voting system.