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5 Aug 10
Economy, security and services affected by five-month stalemate over government formation.
The city of Najaf, one of the holiest in Shia Islam and home to Iraq’s powerful Shia religious leadership, which has been shaken by a sex scandal.  (Photo: Jamal Penjweny)
4 Jul 10
Videos allegedly showing senior cleric having sex seen as blow to reputation of highest Shia religious body.
25 Nov 09
Election commission officials call for second round of voting, but time, weather, and security are against them.
3 Nov 09
One week before second round of troubled presidential elections, both candidates are engaging in potentially dangerous brinkmanship.
29 Oct 09
Many residents say the fraud and intimidation that marred the first round has put them off taking part in the second.
22 Sep 09
Companies in southern Tajikistan are reeling from the effects of financial crisis, which have left them unable to pay their employees.
5 Oct 05
Companies say they’re going to the wall because the government is failing to protect them from cheap Iranian imports.
6 Sep 05
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