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Child soldiers


PKK uses underage girls in hostilities. (Photo: Spodaren Roje/YPJ organisation)
29 Mar 18
Concerns that military forces are using child soldiers.
Teenage boys are vulnerable to recruitment by the Taleban, who lure them with graphic tales of injustices committed by foreigners. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
23 Feb 18
Former child soldiers describe how they were groomed and recruited by the insurgents.
31 Jul 17
The Taleban and other groups find it easy to exploit vulnerable minors
Former child soldiers at a Goma reintegration centre. (Photo: Erick Kenzo)
10 Mar 11
Activists say not enough done to address reasons for children joining armed groups of their own free will.
Former child soldiers at a Goma reintegration centre. (Photo: Erick Kenzo)
8 Feb 11
Youngsters struggling to adapt to civilian life feel they have little option but to return to fighting.
Children working as porters are a common sight at markets in Kyrgyzstan such as this one in the capital Bishkek. (Photo: Asyl Osmonalieva)
Special Report
6 Nov 10
Hardship forces children to neglect schooling and go out to work.
Volunteers for deployment to Gaza gather at Imam Khomeini International Airport on June 2 to protest against the Israeli raid on a Turkish aid ship. (Photo: Abolfazl Salmanzadeh, Mehr News Agency)
16 Jul 10
Mass movement prepares members for suicide missions.
Teenager on the march at a major gathering in Isfahan, held each November during Basij Week. November 2009. (Photo: Hosein Fatemi)
30 Jun 10
Images of adolescent paramilitaries from the Basij movement.
Both sexes are taught how to fire a Kalashnikov. August 2007. (Photo: Javad Moghimi)
30 Jun 10
Basij movement hopes to catch children at early age and train them up for “army of 20 million”.
27 Mar 08
Victims of Uganda’s 20-year war say the rebels should be pursued if a peace accord is not signed.