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Child soldiers


31 Jul 17
The Taleban and other groups find it easy to exploit vulnerable minors
Former child soldiers at a Goma reintegration centre. (Photo: Erick Kenzo)
10 Mar 11
Activists say not enough done to address reasons for children joining armed groups of their own free will.
Former child soldiers at a Goma reintegration centre. (Photo: Erick Kenzo)
8 Feb 11
Youngsters struggling to adapt to civilian life feel they have little option but to return to fighting.
Children working as porters are a common sight at markets in Kyrgyzstan such as this one in the capital Bishkek. (Photo: Asyl Osmonalieva)
Special Report
6 Nov 10
Hardship forces children to neglect schooling and go out to work.
Volunteers for deployment to Gaza gather at Imam Khomeini International Airport on June 2 to protest against the Israeli raid on a Turkish aid ship. (Photo: Abolfazl Salmanzadeh, Mehr News Agency)
16 Jul 10
Mass movement prepares members for suicide missions.
Teenager on the march at a major gathering in Isfahan, held each November during Basij Week. November 2009. (Photo: Hosein Fatemi)
30 Jun 10
Images of adolescent paramilitaries from the Basij movement.
Both sexes are taught how to fire a Kalashnikov. August 2007. (Photo: Javad Moghimi)
30 Jun 10
Basij movement hopes to catch children at early age and train them up for “army of 20 million”.
27 Mar 08
Victims of Uganda’s 20-year war say the rebels should be pursued if a peace accord is not signed.