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Central Asia Human Rights Reporting Project

Central Asia Human Rights Reporting Project directly supports human rights defenders in all five Central Asian states by helping them develop efficient media and public outreach strategies to improve awareness and support and ensure human rights norms are respected and observed upon a daily basis across the region.

The project delivers sustainable partnerships between media outlets and practitioners and the community of human rights' defenders.

Funded by the European Commission and the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.


Dates active: 
2009 to 2011
Jennifer Croft
15 Jan 10
The pressure is on wives when couples cannot conceive, as men find it difficult to believe the cause lies with them.
9 Jan 10
Critics believe Soviet-style system should be scrapped.
7 Jan 10
West’s haste to engage with Turkmenistan and buy its gas risks sweeping human rights under the carpet, activists say.
30 Dec 09
Campaign to raise money to finish hydroelectric project not as voluntary as it seems.
25 Dec 09
Major bank wins court claim that press reports damaged its reputation, while newspaper says it is being punished for its critical stance.<br /><br />
Bakhtiyor Rasulov
14 Dec 09
Government accused of underestimating number of heroin users and failing to support treatment programmes.
Salimakhon Vahobzade
12 Dec 09
Poverty and social stigma contribute to high re-offending rate among women released from jail.
5 Dec 09
Campaign for better wheelchairs makes no headway with local government but prompts gift from foreign donor.
27 Nov 09
Small pensions and low earnings mean many older people are left cold and hungry.