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Central Asia Human Rights Reporting Project

Central Asia Human Rights Reporting Project directly supports human rights defenders in all five Central Asian states by helping them develop efficient media and public outreach strategies to improve awareness and support and ensure human rights norms are respected and observed upon a daily basis across the region.

The project delivers sustainable partnerships between media outlets and practitioners and the community of human rights' defenders.

Funded by the European Commission and the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.


Dates active: 
2009 to 2011
Gulnara Mambetalieva
15 Feb 10
As suspicions grow about the possible involvement of Tashkent in Alisher Saipov’s death, there is concern that a thorough investigation will prove politically impossible.
IWPR Central Asia
15 Feb 10
As poverty and unemployment drive an increasing number of workers abroad, many become victims of traffickers who sell them into virtual slavery.
11 Feb 10
Court issues guilty verdict after accepting “comical” evidence that photos libelled Uzbekistan.
11 Feb 10
Civil society activists say watering down legislation to prevent abuse would undermine its effectiveness.
Aigul Bolotova, Dina Tokbaeva
5 Feb 10
IWPR meeting highlights challenges and possibilities of journalism in the internet age.
Nikolai Tsoy
27 Jan 10
Low migrant quota will make foreign seasonal workers vulnerable to mistreatment, say critics.
27 Jan 10
Experts say violent teenagers are merely copying what they see around them.
26 Jan 10
Rights groups ridicule suggestions that Umida Ahmedova’s images slander Uzbek nation as a whole.
IWPR Central Asia
22 Jan 10
Ismail Isakov fell foul of the law after switching sides to the opposition.