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Central Asia Human Rights Reporting Project

Central Asia Human Rights Reporting Project directly supports human rights defenders in all five Central Asian states by helping them develop efficient media and public outreach strategies to improve awareness and support and ensure human rights norms are respected and observed upon a daily basis across the region.

The project delivers sustainable partnerships between media outlets and practitioners and the community of human rights' defenders.

Funded by the European Commission and the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.


Dates active: 
2009 to 2011
IWPR Central Asia
20 Mar 10
Local journalists say the president’s call for reform is meaningless unless he is prepared to allow genuine freedom of speech.
Pavel Dyatlenko
11 Mar 10
New popular assembly seen as way of strengthening centralised control, not devolving decision-making.
10 Mar 10
Cotton farms continued using children as pickers in 2009 despite official ban.
7 Mar 10
Submitted to the 98th session of the United Nations Committee on Civil and Political Rights.
7 Mar 10
On the laws and practices of the Republic of Uzbekistan regarding the rights of citizens to free movement and choice of residence.
Nargis Hamrabaeva
7 Mar 10
Five political parties instead of three now hold seats in parliament, but only one of them really counts.
5 Mar 10
Poverty and social stigma contribute to high re-offending rate among women released from jail.
5 Mar 10
The law provides equal rights, but few women are aware they can claim property after marriage breakdown.
Sanjar Hamidov
3 Mar 10
Election officials reject claims of inactivity levelled by OSCE observers.