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Zoran Pajić

Zoran Pajić
Visiting Professor, Department of War Studies, King’s College London

Professor of international law, formerly at Sarajevo University and recently head of the Legal Reform Unit in the Office of the High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina under Lord Ashdown. Currently a visiting professor in the department of war studies at King’s College, London, and a member of IWPR’s board of trustees.


Appointed: 5 May 1994

Stories by the author

Bosnia's parliament building in Sarajevo. (Photo: Rapsak/Flickr/CC license)
Zoran Pajić
22 Dec 14
A proper federal structure might rationalise an over-complex system of governance, but neither institutional change nor EU accession is enough to fix Bosnia's problems.
Zoran Pajić
11 Apr 11
Justice will never be done as long as Bosnian inaction and Serbian posturing continue.
Zoran Pajić
4 Aug 08
His detention in a Belgrade suburb suggests too many people were prepared to believe the story that he could never be caught.
Zoran Pajić
9 May 01
Brussels and Belgrade both celebrated the Montenegrin electoral results, but they are seriously misguided if they believe the disintegration of Yugoslavia can be halted.