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Walter Menya

African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Thirty-four African countries are fully signed-up members of the ICC but, in May, the African Union voted by 53 states to one to ask judges in the Hague to refer the cases back to Kenyan courts. (Photo: US Department of State/Flickr)
Walter Menya
7 Oct 13
Despite talk of a mass walk-out, African Union members are not united in opposing the international court, experts say.
Police in Nairobi in early 2008, during the violence that rocked Kenya after a presidential election. (Photo: DEMOSH/Flickr)
Walter Menya
8 Jul 13
Calls for new county chiefs to be given more powers over police.
Following his defeat in the March presidential election Coalition for Reforms and Democracy candidate Raila Odinga warned that deep ethnic divisions remain in Kenya. (Photo: Martin H.)
Walter Menya
17 May 13
New leadership needs to move from ethnically-based politics to a more inclusive form of government, experts say.
African leaders will debate the merits of establishing a regional war crimes tribunal for the continent. (Photo: Embassy of Equatorial Guinea/Flickr)
Walter Menya
23 Jan 13
Plan to give existing African court powers to handle international-scale crimes come under scrutiny as sceptics question whether it could be independent and sustainable.
Former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan. (Photo: Sebastian Derungs/
Walter Menya
21 Dec 12
While politicians allege foreign interference, others say international diplomat’s remarks should be heeded.