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Nilufar Karimova

Nilufar Karimova
24 Jul 15
Government says it is mobilising aid but villagers say more is urgently needed.
Vegetable stalls at the Osh Bazaar in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Picture from May 2009. (Photo: neiljs/Wikimedia Commons)
Nadia Bukeikhanova, Timur Toktonaliev, Nilufar Karimova
15 Sep 14
Plans to fill trade gap left by ban on European foodstuffs may not be achievable.
Nilufar Karimova
1 Aug 14
Nilufar Karimova
26 Jun 14
Lola Olimova, Nilufar Karimova
20 Jun 14
Alexander Sodiqov held incommunicado while conducting field research.
Nilufar Karimova
14 May 14
Despite law change, underage girls are still being married off in rural communities.
Journalist Olga Tutubalina outside the courtroom for a  hearing at which she was convicted of libelling intellectuals in Tajikistan. (Photo: Nilufar Karimova)
Nilufar Karimova
12 Mar 14
State-sponsored arts bodies win claim that the country’s intelligentsia was defamed.
President Imomali Rahmon. (Photo: Daffy123/Wikimedia)
Nilufar Karimova
8 Nov 13
Election observers from European states find there wasn’t much to vote about.
Oinikhol Bobonazarova. (Photo: Galim Faskhutdinov)
Lola Olimova, Nilufar Karimova
25 Oct 13
No one was predicting a surprise victory for the challenger, but she has dropped out of the race before it even starts.