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Nejra Suljovic

Young people sitting in a cafe during working hours. Some analysts accuse the young generation in Bosnia of wasting their time rather than being proactive in finding work. (Photo: Aida Halvadzija)
Nejra Suljovic, Aida Halvadzija
9 Apr 14
With unemployment among young people close to 60 per cent, even the best university education is no guarantee of a job.
Muslim cemetery in Rizvanovici. (Photo: Dražen Huterer/Nejra Suljović)
Dražen Huterer, Nejra Suljovic
29 May 13
Two decades on from conflict, Bosniak villages in Serb-majority area have been rebuilt, but not many former residents have chosen to remake their lives there.
Monument to 24 civilians from Ledici killed in June 1992 at the start of the Bosnian war. (Photo: Sanja Vrzic)
Nejra Suljovic, Dražen Huterer
5 Apr 13
Ledici has just two residents after everyone else died or fled from a 1992 attack.