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Marianna Ghahramanyan

Marianna Ghahramanyan
5 Jun 15
New rules apply only to employees of Armenia-based companies that sign up to the scheme.
The movement holds its latest protest against the pension reform, Yerevan, April 12, 2014. (Photo: Photolure agency)
Marianna Ghahramanyan
23 Apr 14
Confusion as constitutional judges rules that compulsory deductions are unlawful but then say they can continue for now.
A pipeline supplying Armenia with natural gas. (Photo: Photolure)
Marianna Ghahramanyan
10 Jul 13
Controversy as government considers ceding total control of gas distribution and sales network.
Villagers in Armenia block a highway to press demands for hail damage compensation. (Photo: Photolure agency)
Marianna Ghahramanyan
5 Jun 13
Protesters say they face financial ruin after hail defence system fails to save crops.