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Maharram Zeynalov

Maharram Zeynalov

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Protests over a housing redevelopment scheme in Baku. (Photo:
Maharram Zeynalov
14 Mar 14
They say the compensation on offer would not buy a replacement home anywhere in the capital.
Matanat Azizova, head of the Women's Crisis Centre in Azerbaijan. (Photo: Samira Ahmedbeyli)
Maharram Zeynalov
27 Sep 13
Stigma attached to complaining and inadequate legal provision means victims suffer in silence.
Azerbaijani novelist Akram Aylisli. (Photo: Ramin Zeynalov/APA)
Maharram Zeynalov
8 Feb 13
Akram Aylisli wanted to show that his fellow-Azerbaijanis could admit past mistakes, but his ritual humiliation suggest he was wrong.
Rustam Ibrahimbeyov. (Photo: Vahid Gazi)
Maharram Zeynalov
1 Feb 13
Campaign appears designed to discredit major figure who has emerged as regime critic, but could backfire given his international stature.
Azerbaijan’s central bank says it will reform mortgage lending to make housing more affordable. (Photo: Maharram Zeynalov)
Maharram Zeynalov
17 Jan 12
Standard mortgages charged at rates too high for most buyers, while discount version is hard to obtain.
A grocer’s shop in Baku. (Photo: Maharram Zeynalov)
Maharram Zeynalov
18 Nov 11
Health ministry has strict food standards but most sellers ignore them.
An Azerbaijani woman prays at a mosque in Baku. (Photo: Samira Ahmedbeyli)
Vafa Zeynalova, Maharram Zeynalov
14 Oct 11
Campaign to overturn headscarf ban in schools to continue.
Ayaz Mutallibov at his son's wake. (Photo: Idrak Abbasov)
Idrak Abbasov, Maharram Zeynalov
15 Aug 11
Mutallibov allowed back to attend son’s funeral, but president’s unilateral granting of immunity raises eyebrows.
Maharram Zeynalov
17 Jul 09
Press watchdog says case typical of arbitrary judicial decisions taken against government opponents.
Maharram Zeynalov
19 Jun 09
Azerbaijan’s web users claim censorship and poor quality of service.