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Humairo Bakhtiyor

Humairo Bakhtiyor
19 May 14
Government seems to equate headscarves with security threats posed by militant groups.
Islamic University in Dushanbe, the only educational institution where women can wear Muslim headscarfs during classes. (Photo: Humairo Bakhtiyor)
Humairo Bakhtiyor
28 Feb 14
They say their taxes are now paying clerics yet they still aren’t allowed to attend public prayer.
Zayd Saidov. (Photo: Elita magazine)
Humairo Bakhtiyor, Lola Olimova
8 Jan 14
Convicted of corruption and sexual offences, Zayd Saidov was arrested shortly after setting up an opposition party.
Humairo Bakhtiyor
31 Jan 13
As Uzbek leader calls for respect and mutual understanding, many Tajiks believe it is time he showed some.