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Graffiti saying "No sectarianism" on an anti-blast wall in Baquba, Diyala province, April 2012. (Photo: IWPR)
Abeer Mohammed, Khalid Waleed
20 Jun 12
Mainstream politicians on all sides agree on the threat, but critics say they should set example of unity themselves.
Iraqi refugees earning a living at the Seyyida Zeinab market in Damascus. Picture from 2007. (Photo: UNHCR)
Khalid Waleed
23 May 12
Government says its resettlement programme has boosted numbers, though main driver seems to be fear of violence in host states.
Followers of Shia cleric Mahmud al-Sarkhi gather after Friday prayers in Nasiriya, southern Iraq. (Iraqi photographer requested anonymity)
Khalid Waleed
19 Apr 12
Rival supporters of leading religious figures accused of attacks on each other.
Abeer Mohammed, Khalid Waleed
7 Mar 12
Funds to become more readily available after story on concerns of Iraqis living in Syria.
Young Iraqis playing football in a Damascus neighbourhood. Picture from 2007. (Photo: UNHCR)
Khalid Waleed
11 Jan 12
Reluctant to return to Iraq, asylum-seekers worry sectarian violence will ruin their safe haven.
Khalid Waleed
4 Nov 10
In aftermath of recent attacks, residents say years of frustration about security situation now turning to hopelessness.
A drilling station at the Taq Taq oil field in Iraqi Kurdistan. The region produces roughly 100,000 barrels of oil per day, a figure that could more than double within a year. (Photo: Tracey Shelton)
Khalid Waleed, Shorsh Khalid
23 Jul 10
KRG tightens checks but dismisses Baghdad’s demand for probe into claims of oil smuggling to Iran.
At least two protesters were killed in clashes with government security forces June 23 in the southern city of Basra, as angry Iraqis took to the streets to demand more access to electricity. (Photo: Eye Media)
Khalid Waleed
25 Jun 10
Officials call for calm and patience as citizens’ fury at outages boils over.