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(Photo: IWPR)
IWPR Afghanistan
26 Sep 16
Debate hears recommendations for bringing long-term stability and social justice.
IWPR Afghanistan
8 Sep 16
Officials say this reflects wider issues of gender inequality.
Afghan participants in Herat speak to Nepalese counterparts via video link. (Photo: IWPR)
IWPR Afghanistan
30 Jul 16
Activists agree that civic engagement and social justice are key to ensuring stability.
Afghan women undergo training at the Afghan Police Academy. (Photo: Majid Saeedi/Getty Images)
IWPR Afghanistan
9 Jun 16
Ongoing violence and social prejudice has led to a severe deficit of policewomen.
IWPR Afghanistan
26 May 16
Event hears how gender discrimination continues to be perpetuated.
Mohammad Qasem Halimi of the Afghan National Ulema Council addresses IWPR's Kabul event. (Photo: IWPR)
IWPR Afghanistan
20 May 16
Three-day event leads to proposals for building a better future for Afghanistan.
Mina Habib. (Photo: IWPR)
IWPR Afghanistan
3 May 16
Journalist defies danger and prejudice to seek out stories.
IWPR Afghanistan
13 Mar 16
Speakers say that public trust can only be won through a higher degree of professionalism.
Prison guard stands as female inmates weave carpets in Herat's main prison. (Photo: Majid Saeedi/Getty Images)
IWPR Afghanistan
10 Mar 16
Handicraft skills are reducing tensions within the institution as well as helping women support their families.
IWPR Afghanistan
7 Feb 16
Diplomat hints that Moscow may share common interests with the insurgent group.