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Hijratullah Ekhtyar

Hijratullah Ekhtyar

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Hijratullah Ekhtyar
11 Nov 14
Militants believe mobile systems are used to track them.
Opium poppies in bloom, Uruzgan province. (Photo: IWPR)
Hijratullah Ekhtyar
25 Sep 14
Locals call on officials to do more to combat heroin use among young people.
Hijratullah Ekhtyar
21 Jul 14
Residents of Sorkhrod district and Jalalabad city face health risks from lack of environmental controls.
Hijratullah Ekhtyar
9 Jul 14
Lack of proper regulation leads to casual slaughtering practices and sales of diseased meat.
Hijratullah Ekhtyar
29 Apr 14
Booksellers report brisk trade as appetite for reading grows in country’s east.
Afghan musicians at a poetry festival in Farah, western Afghanistan, in May 2010. (Photo: US Air Force Senior Airman Rylan K. Albright/ISAF/Wikimedia Commons)
Hijratullah Ekhtyar, Mina Habib
24 Mar 14
Traditional musicians say rising security threats are driving them to leave the country or seek safer work.
Hijratullah Ekhtyar
3 Dec 13
Business leaders in Nangarhar say production is growing despite insurgent threats.
The Torkham crossing, looking from Afghanistan into Pakistan. (Photo: US Army/Wikimedia)
Hijratullah Ekhtyar
2 Oct 13
Fearful residents, officials and the Taleban all agree that Nangarhar is under threat.
Hijratullah Ekhtyar
13 Aug 13
Youth groups in Nangarhar encourage voters to participate in next year’s election.
Darunta hydroelectric dam. (Photo: US 10th Aviation Brigade/Wikimedia Commons)
Hijratullah Ekhtyar
15 Jul 13
People have to endure punishing summer temperatures or pay high prices for electricity to cool themselves.