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Georgians are thinner on the ground than anyone thought. (Photo: Regina Jegorova-Askerova)
Heather Yundt
19 Nov 15
Latest census shows big drop in population, not picked up by previous flawed data collection.
One of many buildings damaged in the August 2008 conflict. (Photo: Leli Blagonravova)
Heather Yundt
3 Nov 15
Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda says there are reasonable grounds to look into crimes allegedly committed during 2008 conflict.
A rally in Tbilisi in support of greater female participation in politics, spring 2015. (Photo: Regina Jegorova-Askerova)
Heather Yundt
27 Oct 15
Politicians seem prepared to consider a measure that would guarantee women a quarter of seats in the legislature.
IWPR and visiting journalists meet community leaders in Duisi. (Photo: Onnik Krikorian)
Heather Yundt
25 Jun 15
Journalists have heard the stories of fighters going off to Syria. Now they’ve had a chance to visit an area said to be a hotbed of radical Islam.
Journalists interview a resident of Zardiantkari as he crosses a Georgian police checkpoint. (Photo: Heather Yundt/IWPR)
Heather Yundt
28 Jan 15
IWPR takes Georgian reporters to a village on the fragile boundary with South Ossetia.
Heather Yundt
29 Sep 14
Some analysts fear stricter visa rules will deter foreigners who contribute to Georgian economic growth.
Heather Yundt, IWPR Georgia
26 Jun 14
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Heather Yundt, IWPR Georgia
6 Jun 14
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Heather Yundt, IWPR Georgia
28 May 14
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Heather Yundt, IWPR Georgia
9 May 14
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