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Hadia Mansour

Hadia Mansour

Hadia Mansour is the pseudonym of a Damascus Bureau contributor in Syria.

Stories by the author

A woman teaches children drawing in the Saif al-Dawla neighbourhood of Aleppo. (Photo: Baraa al-Halabi)
Hadia Mansour
19 Jun 15
In areas outside government control, a patchwork of opposition groups run their own schools.
Hadia Mansour
2 Jun 15
At the age of 105, a grandmother remains a staunch revolutionary.
Umm Mohammad is honoured at the Mazaya centre during International Women’s Day. (Photo: Ghalia al-Rahhal)
Hadia Mansour
22 May 15
A female activist has no regrets about helping government soldiers defect.
Hadia Mansour
17 Mar 15
Women released from government jails face suspicion in their own communities.