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Hadia Mansour

Hadia Mansour

Hadia Mansour is the pseudonym of a Damascus Bureau contributor in Syria.

Stories by the author

Syrian boy smoking. (Photo: Syria Stories)
Hadia Mansour
26 Feb 18
Parents and educators warn that stress and family breakdown are the main factors.
A wheat field and olive grove in Kfar Nabel. (Photo: Hadia Mansour)
Hadia Mansour
11 Oct 16
Farming has been devastated by the ongoing conflict.
Hadia Mansour
22 Sep 16
Field hospitals and healthcare clinics are providing free treatment.
A lecture at the medical institute in Kfar Nabel. (Photo: Hadia Mansour)
Hadia Mansour
12 Sep 16
Bringing health services to those who desperately need them.
Kfar Nabel’s stonemasons invest in building residential buildings. (Photo: Hadia al-Mansour)
Hadia Mansour
18 May 16
Schemes set up by local entrepreneurs are giving hope for a brighter future.
Ghiras activities combine education with recreation. (Photo: Ghiras Project)
Hadia Mansour
18 Mar 16
A new initiative is giving many young people the chance to finish their education.
Hadia Mansour
9 Feb 16
Programme helps local initiatives rebuild lives in liberated areas.
Hadia Mansour
24 Nov 15
"Something inside me refuses to believe that Ismail is gone. I live in hope that some day he will be released."
Hadia Mansour
18 Nov 15
A young woman's outspoken courage costs her her life.
An elderly woman who fled from Kobani to Aleppo. (Photo: Baraa al-Halabi)
Hadia Mansour
27 Jul 15
“Heroism will not die with the death of my sons.”