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Gol Ahmad Ehsan

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Gol Ahmad Ehsan
9 Jul 14
Taleban may exploit power vacuum as election result controversy continues.
Gol Ahmad Ehsan
15 May 14
As foreigners leave Helmand, women producing handicrafts say skills will be lost unless new markets can be found.
Gol Ahmad Ehsan
26 Mar 14
Contenders for council seats in southern province say their gender puts them at a major disadvantage.
Afghan security forces in action in Helmand, 2008. (Photo: Spc. David Gunn/US Army/Wikimedia Commons)
Gol Ahmad Ehsan
10 Feb 14
Locals say non-combatants are dying at the hands of police and soldiers.
Opening a new police station in Marjah, Helmand province, in September 2010. Some residents say the province is still too dangerous for next year’s presidential election to go ahead. (Photo: Lance Cpl. Paige J. Bray/US Marines/Isafmedia/Flickr)
Gol Ahmad Ehsan
16 Jul 13
Some suspect the meeting was orchestrated by Karzai supporters who want to prolong his term.
Gol Ahmad Ehsan
4 Jun 13
Militants hope to exploit security vacuum as international forces reduce presence.
The Kajaki dam in Helmand province. (Photo: Musadeq Sadeq/US State Department/ Wikimedia Commons)
Gol Ahmad Ehsan
13 May 13
Insurgents said to be building up presence in the area.
A school in Helmand province, Afghanistan. (Photo: Gol Ahmad Ehsan)
Gol Ahmad Ehsan, Nazir Ahmad Woror
7 May 13
With security improving, tens of thousands of children are still prevented from resuming their education.
Gol Ahmad Ehsan
23 Apr 13
Organisation says it avoid politics and just wants to get things done.
Gol Ahmad Ehsan
11 Apr 12
Some women in Helmand say decision will reduce respect for them.