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Blake Evans-Pritchard
Africa Editor

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Guards marching outside the Kremlin. (Photo: Violetta Polese)
Blake Evans-Pritchard
25 Mar 11
Soviet-era relics are endearing to the visitor, but some think that they're symptomatic of a country that has been slow in changing.
Blake Evans-Pritchard
8 Feb 11
Moses Odokonyero, Blake Evans-Pritchard
13 Jan 11
Court bans media outing of homosexuals, but they remain a vulnerable, oppressed community.
Blake Evans-Pritchard
13 Jan 11
Disputed area of southern Sudan remains a potential flashpoint– but not because of its oil resources.
Commentators doubt whether the Kenyan parliament has the political will to pass legislation authorising the creation of a local tribunal to try those linked with the 2007 electoral violence. (Photo: mwanasimba/Flickr)
Blake Evans-Pritchard, Simon Jennings, Katy Glassborow
10 Jan 11
Nairobi says it wants to prosecute 2007 election violence suspects, but some suggest it's not up to the task.
Blake Evans-Pritchard
24 Dec 10
Blake Evans-Pritchard, Richard Ekotu
20 Dec 10
Money channelled to help those affected by crimes said to be insufficient to meet demand.
Bemba retains strong support in the Kinshasa area. (Photo: Irene2005/Flickr)
Anjana Sundaram, Blake Evans-Pritchard, Héritier Maila, François Kadima
19 Nov 10
Despite his detention at the ICC, indictee’s hold over western DRC remains strong.
(Photo: Blake Evans-Pritchard)
Blake Evans-Pritchard
12 Nov 10
Corrugated jungle that is Africa's second largest slum was one of the flashpoints of ethnic violence following Kenya's 2007 election.
Blake Evans-Pritchard
8 Oct 10