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Aslibegim Manzarshoeva

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The land Tajikistan is handing over to China lies along the border in the remote Pamir plateau. (Photo: Dylan Winder/DFID)
Aslibegim Manzarshoeva
1 Feb 11
Critics say granting land to China "unconstitutional", but consensus view is that diplomats secured best possible deal.
Ten mosques were shut down by the city authorities in the capital Dushanbe, on the grounds that they were operating unlawfully. (Photo: Veni Markovski)
Aslibegim Manzarshoeva
28 Jan 11
Authorities worry about radical Islam, but look set to shut down rural community mosques in the process.
Aslibegim Manzarshoeva
14 Sep 10
Media experts call for broader consultations to ensure legislation achieves goal of greater press freedom.
The HIV/AIDS centre in Osh, southern Kyrgyzstan, has recently received new testing equipment. (Photo: Isomidin Ahmedjanov)
Dina Tokbaeva, Beksultan Sadyrkulov, Aslibegim Manzarshoeva
26 May 10
Large-scale population movement contributes to virus spreading across broad cross-section of society.
Aslibegim Manzarshoeva
13 May 09
Reform bill seeks to level the playing field ahead of 2010 polls.
Aslibegim Manzarshoeva
11 May 09
Tashkent is seeking allies in its campaign to block Kyrgyz and Tajik river projects.
Aslibegim Manzarshoeva
25 Feb 09
Journalists in Badakhshan welcome report highlighting parlous state of both print and broadcasting media.
Aslibegim Manzarshoeva
16 Jan 09
Residents say they’re forced to rely on word of mouth to get the latest news.
Aslibegim Manzarshoeva
13 Jan 09
Familiar patterns of harassment and obstruction, with new focus on curtailing internet.
Aslibegim Manzarshoeva
18 Sep 08
Some argue that in a country as poor as this, people have no option but to send children out to work.