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Reporting Impact

Journalists trained by IWPR produce news, analysis, and comment pieces on the issues that affect their countries and communities.

IWPR Impacts

Shahpoor Saber
1 Aug 11
IWPR report on dire consequences of cheap imports for Herat factories triggers further press coverage.
Almaz Rysaliev, Shahodat Saibnazarova, Dina Tokbaeva
7 Jul 11
IWPR reports on new wave of Islamic militancy become sought-after information source for regional experts.
IWPR-supported round table on preventing suicide in the Kazak capital Astana. (Photo: Institute for Equal Rights and Equal Opportunities)
Saule Mukhametrakhimova
28 Jun 11
IWPR round table spurs officials to consider development of a national plan to address the problem.
Sadeq Behnam
15 Jun 11
IWPR story said to have contributed to introduction of ban on poaching of species that prey on agricultural pests.
26 May 11
IWPR report addresses local fears about getting caught in crossfire between police and insurgent groups.
Farah Ali
23 May 11
IWPR practical and financial support has helped Iraqi media organisations to overcome problems and prosper.
4 May 11
IWPR story into increased poppy production in Kapisa spurs authorities to provide extra cash for eradication of crop.
21 Apr 11
Lawyers and activists in northern Uganda say IWPR’s Facing Justice programme has prompted women to speak out about rights violations and seek justice.
Taskforce disscussion on legal issues surrounding IDPs. (Photo: IWPR)
15 Apr 11
New group, supported by IWPR, launches campaign to improve assistance to people displaced by floods and landslides.
14 Apr 11
IWPR cited as playing major role in the creation of new body representing journalists in the Balkh region.