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Reporting Impact

Journalists trained by IWPR produce news, analysis, and comment pieces on the issues that affect their countries and communities.

IWPR Impacts

Round-table organised by IWPR, held in Sarajevo on 28-Nov-12. (Photo: Vildana Drljevic)
Velma Šarić
19 Dec 12
IWPR report and accompanying film pinpoint deep flaws in the way traumatised victims are treated when they agree to testify.
Iraqi school pupils get out after the last exams of the year. June 2012. (Photo: Abu Iraq)
Noor al-Khazali, Khalid Waleed
17 Jul 12
Article on divisive content of textbooks on Islam got education officials working on something both faith communities could live with.
Wairagala Wakabi
13 Jul 12
Headmistress offers boys bursary after hearing of their plight on Facing Justice radio programme.
Silva Barkhoyan with her husband and six children. Photos like this prompted local government and an international charity to step in and help the family. (Photo: Inna Mkhitaryan)
IWPR team in Armenia
29 Jun 12
Local government acts to help family whose plight was shown in photo essay.
Abeer Mohammed, Khalid Waleed
7 Mar 12
Funds to become more readily available after story on concerns of Iraqis living in Syria.
Darina Seitova supports her family by begging. (Photo: Shorena Latatia)
Shorena Latatia
14 Feb 12
Work under way to issue identification papers allowing access to public services.
Arash Kabuli
21 Dec 11
IWPR report highlighted the dangers of madrassas preaching radical Islamic ideas
Maiwand Safi
3 Nov 11
IWPR story revealed that members of village security forces in Kapisa province were quitting over poor pay and equipment.
28 Oct 11
IWPR story touches a nerve as local republication draws flurry of reader comments.
IWPR Reporters
26 Oct 11
IWPR report revealed that Herat officers had been allegedly infringing rights of unmarried couples.