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Promoting Free Expression


Wairagala Wakabi
13 Mar 13
Radio programme explains why development funding for the war-torn north stalled, and gives audience a chance to air forthright views.
Poster for the film An Episode in the Life of an Iron-Picker. (Poster design by Fabrika, Sarajevo)
IWPR staff
21 Feb 13
Bosnian reporter helped produce award-winning feature on Roma.
Training workshop on transitional justice and human rights, Sarajevo, November 10-12, 2012. (Photo: Ajdin Kamber)
Ajdin Kamber
27 Nov 12
New round of IWPR training and production to generate TV, radio and print content.
Voting in the eastern city of Benghazi on July 7, 2012. (Photo: Seth Meixner)
IWPR Libya
7 Nov 12
IWPR trainers engage directly with editors and reporters.
IWPR reporter Mina Habib receives her award from Afghan information and culture minister Sayed Makhdoom Raheen. (Photo: IWPR)
IWPR Afghanistan
18 Oct 12
Mina Habib didn’t expect recognition for an article criticising the powers that be.
Women selling bread at a market in Wau, South Sudan. (Photo: Simon Jennings)
Lucy Poni
15 Oct 12
Listeners call in to local radio stations after series on women’s rights starts airing.
Planning joint stories and networking activities for the Georgian, Abkhaz and South Ossetian participants in an IWPR workshop. (Photo: IWPR)
IWPR Georgia
4 Oct 12
Georgian, Abkhaz and Ossetian activists and reporters to work on joint stories.
(Photo: IWPR Tunisia)
IWPR Tunisia
5 Sep 12
Participants build networks and develop skills in reporting, blogging and production.
IWPR team in Armenia
26 Jun 12
Mentoring helps journalists produce relevant content for radio.
Training and mentoring course for broadcast journalists held in Juba. (Photo: IWPR)
Simon Jennings
18 May 12
Training programme in Juba ahead of new series addressing women’s rights in areas bordering Sudan.