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Building Inclusive Societies


12 Nov 20
Online event assesses the regional lessons and consequences of political dispute.
27 Oct 20
IWPR discussion facilitates rare opportunity for dialogue.
20 Oct 20
IWPR event to host expert discussion on the current conflict and prospects for the future.
IWPR training session in Kafr Nabl, Syria. (Photo: IWPR)
24 Jul 20
“We fight a criminal regime as well as society’s restrictions.”
18 Jul 20
Website to provide multimedia training and resources for fact-checking and investigations.
IWPR Central Asia
29 Jun 20
Event hears that falling oil and gas prices may be a barrier to implementing greener policies.
Online conference at the Ministry of Health. (Photo: Independent Journalism Center of Moldova)
25 Jun 20
Initiative launched to campaign for media freedom during time of crisis.
4 Jun 20
Expert event explores the impact on regional development and democracy.
Muna, a relief worker from Aleppo who was arrested in October 2012. (A still from video by Liberated_T)
29 May 20
“It is not fair for us to face injustice both inside and outside prison.”
Chinese Chinese President Xi Jinping attends the opening ceremony of the Belt and Road Forum on May 14, 2017 in Beijing, China. (Photo: Thomas Peter - Pool/Getty Images)
IWPR Central Asia
27 Apr 20
Online event looks at how pandemic will affect future economic interests in the region.