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23 Sep 08
Dispute over ministerial posts threatens to sink power-sharing deal, just days after it was signed.
17 Sep 08
Allowing hundreds of businesses to trade in foreign currency may curb inflation, but is likely to weaken monetary control.
16 Sep 08
Critics say country can ill afford huge ministerial wage bill at time when it’s struggling to feed its starving population.
16 Sep 08
Surprise agreement between country’s rival politicians raises hopes of an economic revival.
16 Sep 08
At remarkable ceremony, dejected-looking Mugabe promises to honour power-sharing deal so nation could begin process of reconstruction.
12 Sep 08
As aid agencies complain of continuing restrictions, desperate families live on maize dropped from passing state delivery trucks.
10 Sep 08
Tension mounts in rural areas where Mugabe loyalists seem determined to keep him in power.
10 Sep 08
When government banned aid groups from distributing food, people resorted to other ways of surviving.
9 Sep 08
Eight years after controversial land seizures, the country’s once-thriving industry continues to decline.
29 Aug 08
Opposition members’ behaviour is direct challenge to a president who has never endured public humiliation of this kind.