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20 Apr 01
Adygeans returning to the land of their forefathers can expect a frosty reception from their ethnic kin
23 Mar 01
Chechnya's rival leaders are waging a war of words in cyberspace
8 Dec 00
A new Russian law on "ethnic minorities" has given the Shapsug people fresh hope of reclaiming their historical homeland
17 Nov 00
The blaze of publicity which surrounded the hijacking of a Russian aeroplane last week could well serve the interests of Islamic extremist groups
20 Oct 00
The war in Chechnya has inspired new political sympathies between Russia and Israel - but President Putin is still wary of taking sides in the Middle East crisis
1 Sep 00
Moscow continues to regard Kabardino-Balkaria as a potential breeding-ground for Islamic extremists
11 Aug 00
North Caucasus leaders pledge to fight for the rights of an ethnic group faced with extinction
14 Jul 00
Whilst waging a bitter campaign in Chechnya, President Vladimir Putin is fighting rearguard actions against the Russian oligarchs and the regional governors. Perhaps he has bitten off more than he can chew.
7 Jul 00
The booming traffic in illegal immigrants through Bosnia could scupper the nation's chances of European integration
17 Mar 00
The Baku government's failure to improve social and economic conditions for women has forced many of them to turn to prostitution.