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23 Aug 02
Many Albanians believe the Kosovo's judicial system is weighted against them.
20 Jun 02
Historic ties with Jerusalem and its environs give Armenians special reason to be worried about the worsening violence in the Middle East
30 May 02
Bosnian police sources claim a recent inquiry into the activities of a controversial aid worker reveal links with al-Qaeda leader.
1 Feb 02
With Heidar Aliev's visit to Moscow, Azerbaijan and Russia have buried more of their differences.
18 Jan 02
The decision to hand Arab terrorist suspects over to the Americans highlights powerlessness of the Bosnian authorities.
26 Sep 01
Tirana claims it has done its utmost to root out individuals suspected of having links with extremist organisations.
20 Apr 01
Adygeans returning to the land of their forefathers can expect a frosty reception from their ethnic kin
23 Mar 01
Chechnya's rival leaders are waging a war of words in cyberspace
8 Dec 00
A new Russian law on "ethnic minorities" has given the Shapsug people fresh hope of reclaiming their historical homeland
17 Nov 00
The blaze of publicity which surrounded the hijacking of a Russian aeroplane last week could well serve the interests of Islamic extremist groups