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Zaina Erhaim. (Photo: Hayyan Alyousouf)
14 Apr 16
Writer and mentor has been instrumental in helping Syrians tell their stories.
5 Apr 16
Going through the charade of presidential elections.
A displaced woman mourns her husband who died during the battles of Kobani. (Photo: Baraa al-Halabi)
5 Apr 16
This wasn’t the first time the ceasefire had been breached, but it was the bloodiest.
Children play near a curtain and stacked busses sheltering them from government snipers. (Photo: Salah al-Ashqar)
4 Apr 16
One woman's close brush with death.
Employees of the Syria Relief and Development NGO distribute solar-powered appliances. (Photo: Shelter)
4 Apr 16
Project aims to provide aid to as many people as possible during the colder weather.
A displaced family from Kobani settle in Aleppo’s Sheikh Maqsud neighbourhood. (Photo: Baraa al-Halabi)
22 Mar 16
A family suffers the indignity of repeated displacement.
Kfar Nabel’s local council installs electricity generator in one of the town’s neighbourhoods. (Photo: Mostafa al-Jalal)
22 Mar 16
Local initiative aims to boost electricity supply in rural areas.
Relief packages from the Syrian Business Forum are filled with seeds, fertilizer and growth nutrients. (Photo: Razan al-Sayed)
21 Mar 16
Farmers are getting help cultivating fields that the war had forced them to abandon.
A displaced family from Aleppo’s al-Fardous neighbourhood. (Photo: Hussam Kuwaifatiyeh)
18 Mar 16
A Syrian woman finds her home city of Idlib horribly changed.
Ghiras activities combine education with recreation. (Photo: Ghiras Project)
18 Mar 16
A new initiative is giving many young people the chance to finish their education.