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26 Mar 12
Prosecution questions defence witness on his own past as a member of Serb forces operating in Croatia.
24 Mar 12
Serbia still appears undecided about cooperation with the tribunal
17 Nov 11
Montenegro is finding it hard to take responsibility for its role in the siege of Dubrovnik.
17 Nov 11
Yugoslav navy admiral and two other new indictees appear before the tribunal.
17 Nov 11
Relatives of media workers killed in the NATO attack on Radio Television Serbia, along with one survivor, bring a case before the European human rights court.
Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic on trial at the ICTY. (Photo: ICTY)
28 Oct 11
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26 Aug 11
Judges rule that witness's testimony from previous trial can be brought before court despite his refusal to answer questions.
Vojislav Seselj in the ICTY courtroom. (Photo: ICTY)
26 Aug 11
Defendant says expense dispute stopped him presenting evidence.


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Moslawi traditional band playing music from the 19th century. (Photo: IWPR)
Hugely popular event highlights city’s rehabilitation and recovery.