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21 Feb 05
A Baghdad diarist is indeed "shocked" by US war plans to dominate Iraq.
21 Feb 05
US pressure on Iraq's neighbour has strengthened hardliners and set-back the nascent movement for political opening.
21 Feb 05
The Kazak authorities are believed to be involved in a series of illegal weapons sales
21 Feb 05
Akaev's plans to have all public sector workers kitted out in uniforms provoke resentment
19 Sep 00
Serbia's relations with its last European ally turn sour.
1 Aug 00
Following the Filipovic verdict, anyone involved in real journalism could overnight find themselves in prison
14 Jul 00
Yugoslavs were this week disappointed to learn that an internet news site report on the death of President Slobodan Milosevic was a hacker's prank
13 Jul 99
Serbia is rebuilding its bridges - and its minds. Academics are reviving the spirit of Brezhnev. China supports Yugoslav Prime Minister Momir Bu La To Vic. And our president boasts: "Our country is the freest and most democratic in the world."