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North Korea

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US Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy Human Rights and Labour Tom Malinowski interviewed by Eun Jung Huh for  Radio Free Chosun. (Photo: Department of State/US embassy, Seoul)
6 Nov 14
Assistant Secretary of State discusses appalling state of human rights but says change will come one day.
Recent North Korean defectors Sun and Mun Hee (pseudonyms). Faces pixellated for security reasons. (Photo courtesy of North Korean Reform Radio)
17 Dec 13
Radio station struggling for funds is "essential listening" in North Korea.
President Kim Jong-Il with members of the North Korean military, accused of launching attacks on the south last year. (Photo: North Korea’s official website)
31 Mar 11
Investigating alleged war crimes could further isolate Pyongyang and complicate any peace settlement, experts say.
28 Feb 10
Denying rights abuses could prove costly for Tehran, both economically and politically.
9 Sep 09
Arrest underscores dangers of working as an activist in DRC.
12 Aug 09
Locals question why Americans ventured alone to remote area near Iranian border.
26 Jun 09
Defendant says they just wanted to prevent the Islamisation of the country.
14 Apr 08
The president’s address to UN General Assembly followed close on a successful constitutional deal backed by the opposition.
11 Apr 08
AIDS epidemic and failed government policies are blamed for women’s plummeting life expectancy.