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Global Voices

10 Apr 08
Fearless Bulawayo church leader calls for "Orange Revolution" to topple president.
3 Dec 05
The Tajik authorities withdraw a major concession for migrant workers in Russia shortly after announcing it, apparently because of hostility from nationalist politicians in Moscow.
16 Nov 05
After an eight year absence, Afghanistan will be sending both male and female competitors to the Olympics in Athens.
14 Nov 05
In the second of two articles for IWPR, Anthony Fitzherbert looks at the roots of Arab fomented intolerance and divisiveness in Afghanistan.
14 Nov 05
Foreign companies and their workers are increasingly unwelcome in Kazakstan.
2 Mar 05
Officials put new security measures in place in the wake of the abduction of three UN election workers.
2 Mar 05
Few details on how the three were freed – and no one really knows who the kidnappers were.
21 Feb 05
Regime change is not enough - a sustained programme of de-Ba'athification is essential to rid Iraq of the influence of the ruling party and its functionaries.
21 Feb 05
Villagers want compensation for harvest failures and health problems that they blame on foreign bombers.
21 Feb 05
Wave of arrests for violence elicits hostility from most local people.