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29 Aug 08
Mindanao Muslims who head north in search of better life targeted by renegade police officers.
26 Aug 08
IWPR and local partner take part in television debate on press reporting of human rights in the country.
26 Aug 08
Big development effort seen as crucial to winning hearts and minds on lawless, militant island.
26 Aug 08
Families in mountain areas more concerned about where they will get their next meal than educating their children.
26 Aug 08
They often suffer injustices to support families back home, but leave their country short of skilled workers.
26 Aug 08
With the state unable or unwilling to help, mothers of the disappeared left to seek justice themselves.
26 Aug 08
Proposed legislation pledges to provide shelter to millions of homeless Filipinos.
26 Aug 08
Continued fighting means few of those crammed into evacuation centres are prepared to risk going back to their villages.
25 Jun 08
Parents can't afford to pay for mandatory uniforms and fees charged by cash-strapped schools.
10 Apr 08
Leading critic of president says peaceful revolution impossible in Zimbabwe.