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9 Dec 08
Murdered broadcaster may have dug too deep in local corruption stories.
30 Oct 08
NGO representatives and religious figures are calling for both sides in conflict to hold further peace talks.
25 Oct 08
With little sign of peace in Mindanao, the lives of its child refugees are being irrevocably damaged.
10 Oct 08
Municipal officials and NGOs struggle to resolve the capital’s homelessness problem.
3 Oct 08
Peace-building efforts by communities are becoming increasingly important as the army and MILF renew hostilities.
30 Sep 08
Indigenous people in south Philippines want protection of their rights enshrined in any future peace agreement.
29 Sep 08
With thousands displaced, religious and civil groups urge government to resolve conflict peacefully.
18 Sep 08
As clashes in southern Philippines continue, refugees stuck in camps lack food, water and psychological support.
9 Sep 08
Many refugees too scared to return home try to make a living inside camps.