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Sudan's president, Omar al-Bashir, is wanted by the ICC on genocide charges in Darfur. (Photo: Liu Jin-Pool/Getty Images)
14 May 14
Regional officials to discuss an African court that would prosecute war crimes, but not hold national leaders to account.
A woman stands on a street corner in Eastleigh, a predominantly Muslim Somali neighbourhood in Nairobi. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
12 May 14
Critics question legitimacy of ongoing counter-terrorism operation.
The UN Security Council meets in New York. It is unlikely that the ICC will get the international support it needs. (Photo: Andrew Burton / Getty Images)
11 May 14
Analysts doubt that court signatories will use political leverage to advance cases.
A young girl in Garissa, north eastern Kenya. She is one of 120 girls staying at a sanctuary for girls at risk of female genital mutilation. (Photo: Ann Weru/IRIN/Flickr)
7 May 14
Authorities struggle to bring prosecutions for what many still view as a legitimate cultural practice.
President Kenyatta has signed the new law after it was passed by Kenya's parliament in March. (Photo: David Scannell/Flickr)
2 May 14
Legislation condemned as a major setback for women.
Post-election violence in Kenya, December 2007. (Photo: The Star newspaper, Nairobi)
1 May 14
Plaintiffs hope lawsuit will lead to fresh investigations into 2007-08 attacks.
Legal experts have welcomed the ruling in the Wambora case as a chance for the judiciary to re-establish its power. (Photo: Ting Chen Wing/Flickr)
29 Apr 14
Some lawyers say it was wise to rein in legislators, but warn against judges meddling in politics.
The International Criminal Court's prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, has struggled to secure evidence in the two Kenyan cases. (Photo: ICC-CPI/Flickr)
28 Apr 14
As prosecutors struggle to present evidence against top officials, opinion is split on tribunal’s local impact.
Judges have requested the Kenyan government to make sure eight witnesses testify against the deputy president, William Ruto, at the ICC. (Photo: ICC-CPI/Flickr)
23 Apr 14
Although ruling is welcomed, legal experts warn that witness testimony may not strengthen prosecution case against Kenyan deputy president.
Children play in Dadaab camp which is home to more than 400,000 refugees. (Photo: Riyaad Minty/Flickr)
17 Apr 14
Rights groups warn that counter-terror crackdown will discriminate against Somalis while bringing few tangible security gains.