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Kenyatta appeared before the ICC's judges in October 2014.The court's prosecutor has been unable to secure sufficient evidence to put Kenya's president on trial. (Photo: ICC-CPI/Flickr)
7 Dec 14
High-profile failure exposes weaknesses in the way the court runs investigations, but also a lack of international resolve to make it work.
Edna Auma has run for office in the last two local elections but without success. (Photo: Robert Wanjala)
14 Nov 14
Why female participation in politics is so low in Nairobi’s largest slum.
Caption: School children in Kenya are being increasingly targeted by efforts to radicalise the country's youth. (Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland)
13 Nov 14
Schools and mosques become the focus as Islamic militants seek to exploit local grievances.
Spectators run to join a political rally ahead of a general election in 2007. (Photo: Micro Kid/Flickr)
28 Oct 14
Politicians urged to watch their language and curb unruly supporters.
An attack in June in the coastal region of Lamu highlighted failings in Kenya's security services. (Photo: Daudi Were/Flickr)
21 Oct 14
Report by police oversight body calls for simplified command structure to guarantee swift response to attacks.
The vetting of Kenya's 78,000 police officers has fallen badly behind schedule. (Photo: Daudi Were/Flickr)
16 Oct 14
Too few officers have undergone vetting, and not many people are brave enough to come forward with information on abuses.
Defence of Mr Kenyatta at the beginning of the Status Conference. (Photo: ICC-CPI/Flickr)
8 Oct 14
Defence seeks acquittal for President Kenyatta as prosecutors seek adjournment until Kenyan authorities come up with missing evidence.
Violet Kayanga at her vegetable stall in Total. (Photo: Antony Langat)
7 Oct 14
Multi-ethnic group running a saving and loans network says it has helped mend relationships following the 2008 violence.
3 Oct 14
Witness says he decided not to go through with false testimony.
Civil society experts warn that allowing a presidential staffer to sit on the selection board for top police chiefs looks like a reverse for efforts to depoliticise the force. (Photo: Daudi Were/Flickr)
2 Oct 14
Allowing a presidential staffer to sit on the selection board for top police chiefs looks like a reverse for efforts to depoliticise the force.


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