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Global Voices

4 Feb 14
Many face hostility from locals due to competition over jobs and other resources.
24 Nov 11
Jordanian fans harass Iraqis after losing game, marking divisions between communities.
Only a handful of activist have demanded the overthrow of King Abdullah II and the Hashemite monarchy. (Photo: Nader Daoud/World Economic Forum)
First Person
21 Apr 11
Measures taken by king helping manage discontent – but he has to do much more if he wants monarchy to survive.
5 Mar 10
Parliamentary hopefuls use text messages, social networking sites to reach voters.
26 Feb 10
Change movement attempts to reach out to all voters in ethnically divided city.
Special Report
15 Feb 10
Families in Baghdad and in border camps complain of neglect.
Special Report
15 Feb 10
Clandestine printing presses in western province of Anbar accused of spreading insurgent propaganda.
12 Feb 10
Critics of demolitions claim political motive behind drive to tear down Saddam Hussein-era monuments.
13 Jan 10
Trade ban dashes hopes of reviving national carrier to boost tourism.
24 Dec 09
With markets flooded with imports, many fear for domestic agriculture.