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28 Jan 10
Fears that deadly attack will impact on aid work in Iraq
28 Jan 10
Political tensions escalate sharply as parliament and police investigate series of attacks on opposition figures.
28 Jan 10
Slow response to crisis prompts many to flee to big cities.
27 Jan 10
Border crackdown upsets Kurdish smugglers trafficking oil and alcohol between Iran and Iraq.
25 Jan 10
Lawyers, victims applaud death sentence but not satisfied with crimes against humanity conviction.
22 Jan 10
Elections and nuclear impasse have dulled hopes for an accommodation with the US on Afghanistan.
22 Jan 10
Opposition crowds seem to have shifted from passive protest to robust resistance to security forces.
20 Jan 10
Some doubt American commitment to resolve disputes over oil-rich Kirkuk.
15 Jan 10
Sex change just the first hurdle as society fails to accept gender reassignment.
14 Jan 10
Double bombing follows wave of assassinations targeting leaders in western Iraqi province.